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Operational Update

David Herriman at Maxima Latvija
David Herriman ERP interview
David Herriman ERP interview

Trinidad and Tobago, November 2018
Kenyon activated in mid-November to support the repatriation of an employee of a large multi-national client who died in Trinidad and Tobago; a Repatriation Manager travelled to Port of Spain to coordinate the repatriation and accompany the deceased back to the UK.

Portugal, November 2018
Kenyon activated to provide Mental Health Assistance, Repatriation Consultation and First Response following a car accident involving two cadet pilots based in Portugal. One cadet passed away and the other was left in serious condition. Mental Health Phone Support activated to support the families whilst the travelling Mental Health team was en-route. The Mental Health Team then provided support to the cadet school employees, cadets and the families and friends involved.

Federated States of Micronesia, September 2018:
Please read the story on page 3.

London, September 2018:
Kenyon activated to provide Mental Health Phone Support following a passenger becoming unwell on board a Client's aircraft. A crew member provided CPR and attempted to assist with the passenger’s wellbeing. Unfortunately, the passenger passed away as the aircraft diverted to Alicante. Kenyon provided targeted Mental Health Support for two of the employees until they were able to return to work. Kenyon’s actions resulted in positive client feedback, stating that a comprehensive service was provided by Kenyon that enabled the staff member to better cope and return to work appropriately.

London Grenfell Tower Fire, July 2017:
Return of close to 750,000 personal effects continues for Grenfell Tower; we are cleaning, restoring and then returning property to families and the Metropolitan Police Service.

Manchester Arena Bombings, May 2017
We are awaiting final go ahead to launch a personal effects website to enable the return of personal property to the family members, the injured survivors and any other concert attendees who lots items.