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A Word from Team Member Management

Dear Team Members,

I just wanted to take a moment to discuss one of the more distinctive values Kenyon possesses as a business model and that is:

“It’s not about us.”

Want to know more about Kathy?

Have you noticed that when Kenyon is engaged in a large incident, our involvement is not in the news headlines? In most cases the incident will be covered by national and international news agencies. Reporters are visible at the incident site or family assistance center and actively seeking a human interest story. During a response, you will seldom hear stories about how Kenyon recovered the deceased, or retrieved a beloved necklace, nor will you see a Kenyon on the evening news. Some people assume mentioning Kenyon is good publicity, and usually Kenyon does get mentioned either by the client or a family member. Our focus, however, is always on the families affected, not on our client, so that we can do everything possible to not make a tragic situation worse.

We are there to assist and manage a complex disaster, to care for and transition families and survivors to their new normal. As you know, in your Team Member contract and handbook, Team Members are restricted from providing interviews to media or openly discussing the operation in public areas. In some areas, we will even restrict wearing clothing with Kenyon logos in some cases. This is done out of respect for those directly affected and to avoid fueling any speculation or false information surrounding an incident.

Imagine if while on an airplane on your way to an incident, you are telling others loudly where and why you are traveling and a family member is sitting near you who just lost a loved one in the same incident. While the intention would not be bad, the perception could be very insensitive. We care too much about the families involved to risk needlessly upsetting someone. Or perhaps you are wearing a Kenyon logo and are approached by the press and mistakenly give wrong information. This would cause undue hardships to the families and our client. For these reasons, we do restrict what can be said or done while on deployment. Any press inquiries should be referred to the Kenyon Bracknell or Houston offices for comment from an approved full-time staff member.

The work we do is remarkable. Our role is to manage the consequences of a disaster and assist with the transition of survivors and family members. Our focus is on caring for those directly affected and returning them with dignity and respect to their families.

It’s not about us.

Warmest Regards

Kathy Ricker
Team Member Manager