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Shout Outs

On 7 June and 22 June, the Kenyon International Call Center (KICC) conducted system-wide tests of the recently upgraded Kenyon Response® software. During an incident, Kenyon Response® is the software the agents at the call center in the Dominican Republic use when taking calls from family members and media at the onset of an event. The information received from the initial calls is entered into Kenyon Response® and builds the database that is used from call center inquiry to repatriation, covering all details and functions of the response.

Kenyon’s Director, Call Center Services Janie Moreno and Manager, Call Center Services Jahaira Guzman have been busy this last year developing and implementing extensive software upgrades. In order to complete a stress test of the software, Team Member Management reached out Team Members in the USA and UK to participate in a mock exercise. They were given the name of a passenger on a fictitious flight that had an incident and five different roles to play: family member, media, friend, curiosity seeker and a person not on the flight.

We tested the responsiveness of the system, the accuracy of the reporting and the ability of the agents to maneuver though the screens, all of which proved successful. It was also a great exercise for Team Members to understand the process a family member might experience.

To learn more about the KICC, go to: Transportation Disaster Call Center.

Shout Out to all of the Team Members who participated and provided valuable feedback! Thank you for your assistance in reaching this milestone.