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Operational Update

Pictured: Kenyon Team Members Ryan Austin and Aimee Smith

London Grenfell Tower Fire, July 2017: Kenyon has deployed multiple teams to search for and recover personal property from flats located in Grenfell Tower. This is ongoing and is expected to take several weeks. Team Members are working in hazardous areas, with respirators and PPE. We also have teams working in several Grenfell Walk properties, which while not damaged by the fire, can no longer be occupied by residents. Therefore, their personal property must be recovered. Teams are working in our warehouse to inventory the property, arrange for its return or prepare the property for longer-term storage. We have met with residents to provide information and quickly return essential personal effects, such as identification cards and travel documents, in an effort to assist them. The Crisis Management Center (CMC) is currently staffed to support the logistics of this operation, with a total of three team members fulfilling administration-based roles.

Luxaviation, July 2017: Kenyon provided mental health support to colleagues following the sudden loss of an employee.

Manchester Arena Bombing, May 2017: Kenyon is providing assistance with the cleaning and restoration of associated and unassociated personal effects relating to victims of the Manchester Arena terrorist incident. We have processed PE from a total of 46 persons directly affected (PDAs) to date, with expectation that this will increase in the coming weeks.

Pictured: Kenyon Team Member Gary Miller