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Kenyon Announces Major Software Upgrade for Kenyon Response®

Many Team Members have worked with our proprietary disaster management software, Kenyon Response®. You might have used it to record information related to those involved in an incident: victims, their families, responders, and various government agencies. You may have used it to record ante mortem or post mortem information as part of morgue or repatriation operations. The software, first launched in 2012, was developed specifically by Kenyon and remains the only completely integrated crisis data management system of its kind.

In June of this year, Kenyon completed a major upgrade to the software, which involved moving the system to the .NET operating platform. Kenyon Response® now features enhanced technology, additional security, expanded and dynamic reporting features along with a new, streamlined user interface.

Many of the improvements and capabilities added to Kenyon Response® was a result of the direct feedback received from Team Members using the software during incident response. Benefits for Team Members include improved speed, a more intuitive user interface, as well as the ability to use the software on any web browser without the need for additional plug-ins. The software can now be accessed on any mobile device via internet. Additionally, the new software can easily be used offline to access the Humanitarian Assistance and Human Remains modules when no internet access is available and will easily sync with the online database once the system has internet access.

We’ve already started using the newly-improved Kenyon Response® – we look forward to your feedback on the new system.