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Crisis Communications Training

Kenyon's Crisis Communications Training

Understanding the difference between public relations and crisis communications can be the defining line between a successful crisis response and a poor one. Crisis communications during an incident requires honesty and transparency. It also requires training for those in your organisation who plan to be spokespersons.

Our Crisis Communications Team is comprised of some of the most experienced, multilingual communications professionals in the world. Based in key global locations, our experts are trained to develop and provide a tailored training programme that complements your company's crisis management plan no matter where you are located. The programme is designed to help develop the skills and knowledge needed. Structured around CEOs and senior management executives, the day-long course is split into two separate modules; the first considers the role of executives, their communication strategy following a crisis and different presentation styles - multiple case studies are reviewed and appropriate techniques for various scenarios are considered to help prepare for a crisis event; and the second includes several on-camera exercises to prepare spokespersons for the reality of interviews in a highly charged environment.