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Ask Kenyon your Crisis Management Questions

Dear Kenyon,

I heard that you recently updated Kenyon Response®. With the new upgrades, will we need to learn how to work the application? Will I have to get my IT department involved?

Thank You,
Ms. Inquisitive

Dear Ms. Inquisitive,

Before I answer your questions, let me say a little bit about what Kenyon Response® is; in effect, it is a powerful, scalable enterprise crisis data management software package developed by Kenyon to help handle the data-heavy aspects of any crisis event.

In turning to your first question, as a client you do not need any specialised training nor are you required to learn Kenyon Response®. When activated, Kenyon’s Customer Care Team will issue a Kenyon Response® User ID and Password that allows you “Read Only” access - we will also provide you with a like to a short “How To” video, walking you through the Kenyon Response® login process and briefly going over the various modules you will have access to. Whilst you have the ability to review the incident database and print or export reports and forms, you are not able to input, change or delete any data. Kenyon’s activated teams will manage the data throughout the event and provide hourly, or as needed, updates on issues and concerns that may arise.

You are still able to log into Kenyon Response® outside crisis but you will not have any data to review and gain some limited user experience.

Your IT department does not need to be particularly involved with activation since Kenyon Response® is a web-based software application that only requires connection to the internet. It can be accessed from any device, without the need of additional plug-ins or software, and is compatible across multiple operating systems and internet browsers.

Regards, Janie Moreno

Janie Moreno
Director, Call Centre Services

Janie Moreno joined Kenyon in 2004 and is our Director, Call Centre Services. Janie ensures efficient and effective management of information in the course of coordinating with clients, consulting customers and external agencies both during incidents and in day-to-day operations.

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