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Kenyon Response® Gets an Upgrade

We are very excited to share that you now have access to a significantly improved Kenyon Response®, featuring enhanced technology, additional security, expanded and dynamic reporting features along with a new user interface.

Kenyon Response® is a powerful, scalable enterprise crisis data management software package developed by Kenyon to handle every aspect of a crisis and is utilized for every service Kenyon provides. It is centered on managing the services provided to those involved in the incident. A cornerstone is making sure that survivors or family members don’t have to provide the same information twice and that measures taken to support people are coordinated, with actions completed, actions needed and ongoing support shared with those that are involved in the response. A key lesson learned is that, with so many different agencies and groups typically involved in the response to an incident, people are repeatedly asked the same questions multiple times because there is no central management system. Kenyon response is a solution to that problem and builds trust in the response for those most directly affected.

"We built Kenyon Response® because we saw a great need for our own responders and clients to have a central location to manage all the data generated from a mass fatality incident, and there was no complete solution available on the market. Over the last seven years, we’ve put the system to the test many times over. We’re really excited about the improvements and capabilities we’ve implemented – the culmination of input from of our clients, global responders and call center agents. Our system is truly a complete solution – and the only one of its kind," stated Kenyon CEO Robert A. Jensen.

This most recent upgrade reflects an investment in ongoing improvement in the systems and resources Kenyon offers you, as well as adheres to strict international data privacy regulations. You can rest assured that the information shared by you and by others involved in an incident is secure and protected.

Information collected and managed includes contact details, victim support details, identification status and notification processes. Kenyon Response® also offers a central location for all correspondence. This provides Kenyon and its clients a seamless system that ensures all people are cared for and that information is not collected more than once.

In addition to an overall upgrade, we’ve taken the opportunity to add additional modules. One of the newest features of Kenyon Response® is the Personal Effects (PE) Module. The module was developed to replace our current Personal Effects Information System (PEIS), eliminating the need for two entirely separate software programs. By integrating the personal effects process into Kenyon Response®, we can now track the personal effects of victims alongside their records during the response, reducing the risk of human error, lost forms and invalid data.

The new PE module consists of a series of digital forms our PE experts use to track photographs and descriptions of this inventory. Each item is given a unique number, detailed physical description (color, size, name brand, etc.), and a category (textile, electronic, jewelry, etc.). The digitized forms provide ease of search and reporting capabilities, enhancing response efficiency. The module can also be used as a standalone program as it can function offline for incidents in remote areas where connectivity is impossible. The offline capability allows for users to work unhindered inputting information that will immediately sync to Kenyon Response® when an internet connection is available.

Take note that offline applications for Humanitarian Assistance Services and Human Remains are also in the testing and finalization stages.

After responding to hundreds of mass fatality incidents, we understand that the collection, management and visibility of data are the foundation of a professional and effective response during a crisis. Multiple involved agencies all with their own systems can make this very difficult. Kenyon Response® allows you to have control and real-time visibility to all information in one central database when responding, and to share and receive data with appropriate parties as needed.

Kenyon Response® can now be accessed from any device and without the need of additional plug-ins. Additionally, Kenyon’s significant investment in a complete transition to the .NET framework expands the software package’s security and compatibility across multiple operating systems and internet browsers.

There is no other system in the world designed to manage the entire crisis response process from call center inquiry to repatriation. Continued innovation in our systems is just one of the many ways that Kenyon provides the most experienced advisors and advanced solutions to our global clients, ensuring effective recovery from crisis.

If you are interested in seeing the new Kenyon Response®, be sure to register for the client-only webinar scheduled for 30 November. The webinar will be hosted by Kenyon Director, Call Center Services Janie Moreno and will provide a walkthrough of the upgraded software. Keep an eye out for an email regarding registration details in the near future.