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Dear Kenyon,

Our company has hundreds of customer service representatives located all around the world. Coordinating a face-to-face training just isn’t possible for us, as it would be too expensive to get everyone in the same place. Is there anything we can do for training? Does Kenyon provide forms of training other than face-to-face?

Thank you,
Mr. Training on a Budget

Dear Mr. Training on a Budget,

It can be tough to get the right people together, in the right place, at the right time. Like you, companies have staff scattered around a number of different locations. Sometimes shift patterns or duty travel add an extra layer of complexity that limit the time for training even further. Added to this are the associated travel costs as well as the cost to the business of valuable staff being unavailable.

Kenyon does a lot of training. We have experienced all these issues right along with you. This is why Kenyon has developed a digital online training capability through a partnership with The Remote Group. We’ve taken our traditional face-to-face training based on first-hand knowledge from numerous incidents and made it available online.

Digital courses available now include Special Assistance Team (SAT) and Crisis Communications. We plan to continue to grow Kenyon’s online training courses organically, producing the most requested courses for our clients, staff and Team Members.

These engaging courses are fully narrated and use video clips, case studies, testimonials, images, graphics and text to bring the information to life. Interactive quizzes throughout the module ensure the information has been digested and properly understood by the learner. The modules can be branded according to your style guidelines and customized with your own specific content. We can even produce them in a range of languages.

Several high profile Kenyon clients have been swift to see the benefits of this new compelling training offer, with Aer Lingus and easyJet all adopting this latest training technology from Kenyon. All are looking at boosting their emergency response capability by training large numbers of people across their network.

While some companies will choose to host our digital training packages on their own Learning Management Systems, for those who don’t, we can host and manage it, so you can keep track of exactly who has done what and how well they have done.

Digital training is not a complete replacement for face-to-face programs, but it does mean that large numbers of staff can be given the essential knowledge and expertise they need to deal with a range of situations. These courses also allow you greater flexibility when designing your own training programs for your staff. It gives your company the knowledge that it has the required number of people trained and ready to cope with whatever situation you may face.

For more information, and to request a demo, visit our online training page on the Kenyon website.

Ben McCarthy
Crisis Communications
United Kingdom
Phone: + 44 (0) 1344 316671

Ben McCarthy is Head of Crisis Communications at Kenyon International and was formerly a broadcast journalist with BBC, ITN and Sky News. In 2016, he was directly involved in deployments to two mass fatality aviation accidents, helping Kenyon clients deal with the media in the immediate aftermath. Ben has been a Kenyon Associate since 2010.