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June 2019 Kenyon Journal

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A Note from the CEO

A Note from the CEO
Kenyon's CEO, Simon Hardern, highlights the advantages of choosing Kenyon and updates Clients on a few of Kenyon's ongoings.

DNA Kits Did You Know...

Learn more about the DNA Kits Kenyon equips and the benefits of having them at the ready from Kenyon VP, Operations, Mark Oliver.

Family Assistance

What Centre Do I Open?
Find out more about the different centres an organisation can utilise during an incident from Humanitarian Services Manager Otibho Edeke-Agbareh.

Importance of Crisis Management Training

The Importance of Training
Discover the benefits of conducting crisis management training and exercises and get tips for when you're ready to hold one.

Kenyon Open Day

Kenyon Open Day - May 2019
Get a deeper look at the Kenyon Open Day we hosted last month in this great read and highlight reel.

The Kenyon Team Members

Who Are the Kenyon Team Members?
Learn more about Kenyon's Team Member Program and get an update on its current numbers.

Kenyon's Upcoming Events

Want to know where we will be next or what new events we have planned? Here you will find a list of future events that Kenyon will take part in or host.