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2018 client webinar series

Kenyon's 2018 Client Webinars

We went into 2018 with the plan to further assist our Clients with their crisis management needs by creating Client-Only webinars that address the sometimes overwhelming areas of crisis management planning. Over 460 clients from industries such as aviation, education, government, maritime and rail have benefited from the webinars. We are very pleased to see how successful they are and we hope to continue to grow them.

Keep an eye out for the emails inviting you to register for the remaining 2018 Client webinars. Registration links are also available inside the Client Only area of our website.

Here's a clip from a recent client webinar:

27 September 2018 - Family Assistance Legislation

Family Assistance laws are an important part of any humanitarian assistance program. The laws were created in response to well-founded concerns of families. Understanding the reasons behind the laws, their intent and what happens when the expectations are not met is important for anyone in the emergency response program to have knowledge of.

For this webinar, Kenyon's CEO Robert A. Jensen will start with the history of USA Air 427, the crash that started the drive for family assistance legislation. He will cover the common themes of the various laws – providing a way for families to get information (call center, family assistance centers, and public hearings); taking into account family wishes (return of the loved ones and property, and memorials), equal treatment provision (paying passengers, non-revenue and people on the ground) and protection from unwanted contact from solicitors / lawyers. He will provide a summary on laws that are currently in effect or being discussed. He will also touch on cases of failure to comply with family assistance laws and resultant penalties. Finally, he will also briefly discuss how aviation family assistance laws have been the foundation for other transportation related laws and also used for establishing a standard of care for injury / loss of life events.

7 December 2018 - Compensation Process

Compensation in serious injury or loss of life incidents is one of the most least understood areas. It is also an area clouded in secrecy, with emergency response managers being told not to worry, that because each and every case is different and up to the insurers and their lawyers to settle, so no need to address it in plans.

While each and every case is different, and it is the responsibility of insurers and their solicitors to settle, understanding that process as well as the steps taken to get to the settlement have a huge impact on how well an overall response goes. Further, like most things in crisis management, a cooperative approach is the best.

During this webinar, Kenyon's CEO Robert A. Jensen will start by explaining the “value of life” process, in other words, what is compensation for and how it is viewed by different authorities. He will then go through the areas that should be managed in a cooperative effort between communications, family assistance and insurers. He will talk about how the subject should be addressed, the different types – assistance payments, advances and those required under the law. He will discuss things that should be decided before an incident occurs such as what coverage areas where we often see gaps. Finally, he will talk about the strategies used by key plaintiffs' firms in using the media to influence families' decisions, and the impact that has on the overall response.

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Recordings of previous webinars can be found in the Client Only section of our website.