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Mexico's National Air Transportation Chamber Hosts First Air Transport Forum

Yuria Mascott
Yuriria Mascott, Undersecretary of Transportation for the Mexican Secretary (Ministry) of Communications and Transport

On 15 May, Kenyon’s Irma Alcazar had the pleasure of attending the first Air Transport Forum (FTA) organized by Mexico’s National Air Transportation Chamber (CANAERO) in Mexico City, Mexico. The FTA, with the participation of 19 expert panelists, exposed the challenges faced by the aviation industry in Mexico, including issues such as infrastructure and security; perspectives of the airline industry in Mexico and the world; economic competition for aviation; energy reform; and the future of air transport in Mexico.

The FTA was inaugurated by the highest Mexican aviation authorities, including Yurira Mascott, the Undersecretary of Transportation of the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT), who highlighted the achievements of aviation in this administration as well as the New Mexico International Airport (NAIM) project and the extensions made to 28 terminals across the country. IATA´s Regional Vice President for the Americas Peter Cerda and high-ranking officials for the ICAO and the Latin America Air Transport Association (ALTA) also attended the forum.

Due to its success, the FTA will take place again next year with a focus on safety and security, emergency response and family assistance in the aviation industry. We look forward to attending.

CANAERO is an autonomous public interest institution composed of more than 60 members, grouping national and international airlines, cargo companies, air taxis, service providers in Mexico, among others. More than 50 years after its foundation, CANAERO has become a strong, plural and participative entity, which strives for the sustainable development of the air industry in Mexico. Irma Alcazar

Based in Mexico City, Irma Alcazar has over 28 years of professional experience in the aviation industry as a flight attendant, supervisor flight attendant, on board services executive, purser, instructor flight attendant, flight attendants training chief, and flight attendants chief. Irma is a Crisis Management Associate for Kenyon, delivering training in both English and Spanish, as well as the Customer Care Representative for both Central and South America. In September 2017, she became Kenyon’s Team Member Regional Coordinator for Central America.