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Mental Health

Kenyon's mental health services

It is a common misconception that Kenyon responds only to large-scale loss-of-life incidents. It is not unusual for Kenyon to provide support during incidents where a small number of people were affected. Specifically, Kenyon often provides mental health support as part of our Disaster Human Service for incidents affecting a small number of client staff or customers.

Following operations of any scale, the next vital step is caring for the survivors, friends and family members of those directly affected. Providing mental health support is critical throughout the transition towards business, community and individual recovery. Often, it can be an area that overwhelms businesses and local government agencies.

Kenyon recommends and provides mental health professionals to support both family members and staff who have responded to the incident. Kenyon’s mental health professionals are incident and crisis trained individuals specializing in dealing with sudden, unexpected death and mass fatalities. They are staffed and organized to work with your employees in conjunction with traditional Employee Assistance Programs and Human Resources departments and can assist with conducting debriefings, leading group sessions and following-up on meetings with people involved in responding to disasters.

Kenyon’s mental health Special Assistance Team (SAT) members can address the needs of the first responders and others who may have been initially exposed to the sights and sounds of an incident and initial family interaction with the various staff involved in crisis management. They are also trained to work with local agencies to ensure appropriate, independent support is available to survivors, families and friends.

Our mental health professionals can be deployed to respond to incidents of any scale and at any capacity. Beyond providing on-site care for families and staff at a Family Assistance Center, our professionals can respond to singular employees affected by incidents, provide telephone support to those who choose not to meet in person and more.