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Dear Kenyon,

I understand that upon activating the Kenyon International Call Center, Kenyon has 30 minutes to provide my organization with an active number for people to call. What should my organization do during the half hour it has without the call center? Are there template scripts you can provide as examples of what should be said when taking calls from people looking for information?

Thank You,
Mr. Thirty Minutes and Counting

Mr. Thirty Minutes,

Thank you for your question. As stated in your agreement and activation guides, once you activate Kenyon, someone from Kenyon will call you back with your active phone number within 30 minutes. For your outgoing answering service message between when you activate Kenyon and when your call center number is active, the following is a great starting point:

“Thank you for calling (insert your organization’s name). If your call is in reference to (insert incident or, if airline, flight number), please be assured that we are working as quickly as possible to establish an information line for families and friends of persons directly affected. The number will be published on our website shortly.”

For your staff that may take calls in the intervening 20 minutes or so, it would be appropriate to say the same as above, with the below edits:

“I apologize, but I currently have no information to share regarding (insert incident or, if airline, flight number). We are working as quickly as possible to establish and information line for friends and family of those affected by (insert incident or, if airline, flight number), and that number will be published on our website shortly.”

We don’t recommend that your team attempt to capture any of the friends and family information, because there are too many variables there and they may not get transferred over/captured properly in Kenyon Response®, our data management software system. So the holding statement is the best course for both your answering service and live operators.

If you have any more questions regarding the activation process, please reach out to your account manager and they will be happy to assist you. We also hosted a client webinar in June that focused on the activation process. The recording can be accessed in the Client Only section of our website.

Warmest Regards, Janie Moreno

Janie Moreno
Director, Call Center Services

Janie Moreno joined Kenyon in 2004 and is our Director, Call Center Services. Janie ensures efficient and effective management of information in the course of coordinating with clients, consulting customers and external agencies both during incidents and in day-to-day operations.

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