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On 3 May, Kenyon held an advanced crisis management workshop in Singapore where attendees received advice and global best practices for managing the consequences of a serious incident or crisis.

Using the proven 12 Principles framework, the workshop participants were led through the practical areas of response and recovery - the legal, humanitarian and communications challenges. He focused on the transition of people, leadership and organizations from what was normal before the crisis to the new normal, all while preserving and recovering share value, reputation and market position.

CEO Robert A. Jensen presenting the 12 Principles to workshop attendees in Singapore.

The session provided practical resources and advice for professionals in a variety of roles, including People Management, Communications, Safety and Security, Human Resources, Risk Management and Business Continuity.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to Kenyon Crisis Communications Associate Joanne Lee for playing a critical role in the workshop’s development and organization. With her help, the workshop ran smoothly, with 22 participants from hospitals, hotels, real estate groups, civil servants, travel website TripAdvisor and a team from humanitarian NGO Mercy Relief. Many expressed gratitude for such a challenging and thought-provoking presentation from Robert.