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Did you know that when you retain Kenyon’s Disaster Recovery Services and Disaster Human Services, you receive access to our Legal Advisory Services at no additional annual retainer cost?

  • We provide training on the legal aspects of crisis communications, the liability and compensation process for passengers, analysis of insurance, insurers responsibilities and methods of dispute resolution, the role of external lawyers, criminal proceedings, accident investigation, third party liability and record keeping.
  • We offer updates on developments with implications for the legal department
  • We assist with drafting emergency response manuals for legal departments

  • Upon request, we will activate the legal support. The resources required to provide support will be determined by the nature of the incident. This will include, as a minimum, appointing an experienced legal adviser to work with key leaders at your head office and to elaborate on the legal implications following a disaster.
  • The legal adviser will stay activated as long as deemed necessary by the client to provide support, guidance and assistance.
  • We will issue the client a dedicated telephone number, fax number and email address for the legal adviser.
  • The legal adviser will offer support in the following areas:
  • Crisis communications
  • Liability and compensation process for victims
  • Analysis of insurance, insurers responsibilities and methods of dispute resolution
  • Appointment of external lawyers
  • Assistance regarding the exposure to and handling of criminal proceedings against directors, officers, employees and the company
  • Legal support regarding the accident investigation
  • Review of potential responsibilities of third parties to the company
  • Additional tasks as required

  • A legal adviser will participate in a debrief session to share lessons learned following the incident.
  • All data collected by the legal adviser on your behalf will be provided to you.