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Dear Kenyon,

It’s time for our yearly crisis management training, but we’ve faced budget cuts. While I heard it may be possible to request a training bursary from our insurance provider, I’m completely unfamiliar with the entire thing. Do insurance companies still do this?

Thank you,
Mr. Budget Cuts

Mr. Budget Cuts,

Yes, they do, and Kenyon can guide you on the approach.

Insurance companies and/or the insurance brokers regularly consider requests for training bursaries. A company that is properly prepared for emergency management is likely to recover more quickly than an unprepared company. The longer a crisis event continues, the more costs add up for insurance companies. Hence, it is in their best interest to support you and make sure you get the necessary training to mitigate risks.

Many times, the insurance funds such training as part of risk management. The money is usually distributed via your training department. Once emergency response managers are aware, they can ask for some of that fund. Often, money goes toward security and safety related training. Emergency response staff may have to be proactive and ask for part of the fund– it works!

In other instances, insurers may not openly offer the fund. So the Emergency Manager can talk to the legal and insurance departments, who will then take the lead and talk to the insurance broker for a suitable fund; however, keep in mind that this may take few months to be approved.

Kenyon has assisted many clients with a formal proposal requesting these types of risk management funds from their insurers. For more information on this process, please contact your Kenyon Account Manager who will be glad to assist.

Mazen Bekdash
Vice President, Business Development
Beirut, Lebanon
Phone: +961 (0) 1 964517

Mazen Bekdash has been with Kenyon since April 2010. He served as Vice President, Commercial Services until 2016 when he transitioned to Vice President, Business Development. Mazen began his career at Kenyon serving as the Regional Manager for the Middle East, Africa and Indian Subcontinent, where he continues to lead the Kenyon regional office located in Beirut, Lebanon. His first deployment with Kenyon was to Tripoli in Libya following an aircraft accident in May 2010. Since then, Mazen has gained a supporting operations role in the region.