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Crisis Leadership training with AlbaStar

On 19 and 20 October, Kenyon held a Crisis Leadership training and a Go Team training for AlbaStar at their headquarters in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Kenyon Associate Irma Alcazar led both full-day sessions and did so in Spanish.

Crisis Leadership Training

Crisis management exercise training with AlbaStar

Participants for the first day of training included AlbaStar’s Upper Management and CEO. By the end of the course, and with Irma’s training methods, participants were confident in their abilities to:

  • Develop an understanding of leadership through the use of various theories and models.
  • Review crisis leadership by using their own organization and reviewing what changes or developments may be required.
  • Evaluate the various leadership skills as part of a crisis.
  • Explore and discuss various case studies to further understand crisis and leadership.
  • Discuss advanced leadership skills such as groupthink and emotional intelligence.

  • Go Team Training

    Go Team training with AlbaStar

    This was AlbaStar’s first Go Team training and both Kenyon and AlbaStar were looking forward to it. Training began with Irma briefing and instructing the air station and office employees who would be involved in the event of a crisis (the Go Team). Shortly after the briefing, Irma commenced with a short simulation exercise, developed to test and reinforce the team in their knowledge of their responsibilities. Participants made their interest and their willingness to learn very clear and collaborated well.