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Kenyon Team Members: A Year in Review
Kathy Ricker, Team Member Manager

Our Team Member program plays an integral part in why we are able to respond to crises so efficiently and quickly. This year has been a very busy one for Kenyon and our Team Members and we are pleased to share with you a few of the highlights.

Team Member Enrollment Enrollment

Enrollment in the Team Member program increased significantly over the last 12 months. The increase can be attributed to the ease of our online registration system, referrals from legacy Team Members and recruitment efforts from the Team Member Regional Coordinators. Recent incidents that involved Team Member deployment and new educational opportunities also assisted in adding to enrollment.

Team Member Deployments Deployment

Kenyon deployed 169 Team Members throughout 2017 in support of incidents, including the Grenfell Tower fire, Manchester Arena bombing and several small aviation incidents. The Team Member program is dedicated to ensuring a fair and equitable callout process, which resulted in 53 Team Members undergoing their first deployment and gaining significant experience for future deployments.

Team Member EducationEducation

Kenyon is committed to offering Team Members educational opportunities not available from any other resource. We rolled out module one of the Kenyon OnLine Learning Center earlier this year with plans to release the advanced modules in the forthcoming months. The advanced modules will cover all aspects of managing a crisis. In the future, only Team Members that have completed all of the modules in the KOLC will be considered for deployment.

We also conducted two live Team Member webinars that were presented by Kenyon CEO Robert A. Jensen and focused on topics most relevant to Team Members.

Team Member ExpansionExpansion

The Team Member Program grew to include 10 Team Member Regional Coordinators who are currently being trained in their new responsibilities. They will make considerable advances in Team Member recruitment, host training events, improve communication, reduce language barriers and build camaraderie with Team Members in their regions.

Team Member ImprovementsImprovements

Kenyon Response® was upgraded to the .NET platform and, with help from some of our Team Members, the software was tested in a live environment and proved to be successful. This was a major accomplishment and a credit to our Director, Call Center Services Janie Moreno and Manager, Call Center Services Jahaira Guzman.

As 2018 begins, we will continue to improve the Team Member program. Our focus will be on recruitment in remote locations and training.

Our goal is to prepare and educate our Team Members to respond to your needs quickly, effectively and with the highest level of competence.