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Dear Kenyon,

I have noticed your Team Member program is expanding – there are over 1800 professionals now, right? I have a question about the acceptance process. Do these Team Members undergo a verification of some sort? How do you know they are qualified to do the work they applied for?

Kind regards,
Ms. Curious, Therefore I Asked

Ms. Curious,

Thank you for your question. We have a verification policy in place to ensure that all personnel registered as Kenyon Team Members are qualified to perform within their respective field of expertise.

Kenyon has identified 10 specific Team Member functions that require either certification or licensure by a professional organization, university, state or government regulators:

  • Pathologist – License Verification Medical/Technical School
  • Radiologist – License Verification Medical/Technical School
  • Odontologist/Forensic Odontologist – DDS License Verification
  • Anthropologist – Diploma
  • Archeologist – Diploma
  • Mental Health/Social Worker – License Verification
  • Funeral Director – Certification/License
  • Embalmer – Certification (US)/License (US)/Proof of Completion of Training course (UK)
  • Autopsy Specialist – Certification and/or License
  • Child Care Worker – Certification and Experience

  • Kenyon verifies certification and licensing to ensure the Team Member has met all of the professional and educational qualifications to perform tasks in accordance with industry standards, guidelines and regulatory requirements. Required credentials are based upon the state or country certification and licensing requirements of their home of record. If no certification or licensure is required for the positions the Team Member is registering for, all background information will be reviewed and skills will be added to their Team Member profile based on skills, experience and education.

    As part of my role, I verify credentials at the time of registration into the Team Member program. The Team Member is responsible for keeping a current license or certification on record in their Team Member profile. All Team Members that register with Kenyon will go through a screening process to determine the appropriate credentials and qualifications are met.

    Warmest Regards

    Kathy Ricker
    Team Member Manager

    Kathy Ricker

    Kathy joined Kenyon in 2015 as the Team Member Manager. She is Kenyon’s first contact for all existing and future Team Members. Kathy matches the wide range of skills that Team Members bring to Kenyon with the critical roles needed during an incident. She is responsible for recruiting and on-boarding new Team Members, maintaining their contact and license information, and ensuring that they have all the information they need to be ready for deployment.

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