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Comair employees undergoing Special Assistance Team Member Training and Station Manager Training.

Comair Team Training 14 & 15 February

This year, Comair Aviation Safety Manager Clive Turner requested that training should focus on Airline Station Managers and Special Assistance Team Members. Their goals for each training opportunity are to ensure they have everything in place and that their staff can stand strong until support teams arrive should an incident occur.

Kenyon created the following training agenda to aid in achieving these goals.

Airline Station Managers

1. What Can You Do to be Ready?
2. Responsibilities of the Airline
3. Understanding Your Airport
4. When an Accident Happens
5. Role of the Station Manager
6. Humanitarian Assistance
7. Go-Team and Investigations
8. Crisis Communications

Special Assistance Team Member Training

1. Enable & Give SAT Members Confidence to Work with Families
2. Understand Why Family Assistance is Important
3. Understand Company (and Kenyon) Response
4. Understand Roles & Responsibilities
5. Comprehend and Empathize with Families’ Reactions
6. Appreciate the Needs of Survivors
7. Gain Understanding of Disaster Management
8. Learn Self Care
9. Company Expectations of the Team

Following the successful training, Kenyon received very positive feedback from the Comair team, especially learning first-hand insights about how incidents unfold. Kenyon looks forward to working with Comair on next year’s training!

It is always a great experience when client training involves Kenyon Team Members. Among the Comair staff were two such Team Members. George Airport Manager Dee Lippert and Emergency Response Coordinator Stanley Aylward deployed for Kenyon to incidents including the Afriqiyah incident in Libya and LAM Mozambique incident in Namibia, supporting families at the family assistance centers.