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Kenyon Team Members by the Numbers

A look at some impressive statistics.

Our Team Member network is made up of 1,670 experienced professionals and masters in their fields. Their combined skills and expertise add up to over 2,958 unique functions that can be utilized to manage any mass fatality operation.

250+ Anthropologists and Archaeologists Educated at some of the best universities in the world Participated in some of the most exciting discoveries in disaster victim identification (DVI), ancient identifications and locating missing persons.

200+ Forensic Science Professionals Many are world-renowned pioneers in their fields.

240+ Funeral Specialists Assist families with the repatriation process and can plan large-scale memorial events.

350+ Mental Health, Medical Personnel, Special Assistance and Family Care Professionals These professionals help not only clients and affected families, but also support Kenyon staff and Team Members following deployments.

335+ Search and Recovery Specialists Trained in rock climbing, deep diving and also canine handling.

585+ Administrative Professionals Play a critical role for our clients, as administration and data management are some of the greatest needs in our operations.

68+ Languages Spoken Fluently These include: Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish, Swahili, Zulu and Sign Language and more.

Beyond their full time jobs and lives, our Team Member network is doing amazing things around the globe. They’re climbing Mount Everest, volunteering to save the whales and other environmental issues and rescuing refugees from perilous conditions. Some travel to impoverished countries to dispense medicine to children and help prevent the spread of deadly diseases. Others provide family assistance to victims of terrorist attacks, avalanches and earthquakes. They regularly lend their knowledge to government agencies and the public through teaching and lecturing at universities.