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Dear Kenyon,

I am still a little unsure of how incident billing works. Would you be able to better explain it for me?

Thank you,
Mr. Inquisitive

Mr. Inquisitive,

We’d be happy to further explain our incident billing process.

When one of our clients calls to activate Kenyon, a Kenyon senior staff member will contact your company to complete a Work Authorization Agreement for the incident. This is an agreement stating which services are being activated. Appropriate staffing is then coordinated based on this agreement. Websites and equipment rentals will also be coordinated if required.

Kenyon begins making expenditures (travel arrangements, hotel reservations, etc.) after the Work Authorization Agreement is signed or as the Kenyon International Call Center is activated. In your service agreement, Exhibit B lists the personnel that may be deployed and their daily rate as well as the Kenyon International Call Center labor rates and charges.

Your invoice will be formatted according to the schedules listed below. Billing occurs every two weeks with your first invoice period ending the second Friday of the activation. You will then be invoiced every two weeks for each 14-day period, ending on Friday.

Schedule 1       Team Charges

Schedule 2       Transportation

Schedule 3       Meals

Schedule 4       Lodging

Schedule 5       Personal Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Schedule 6       Communications

Schedule 7       Supplies and Equipment

Schedule 8       Photographic Services

Schedule 9       Postage and Shipping

Schedule 10       Miscellaneous and Incidentals

Schedule 11       Contracted Services

Schedule 12       Equipment Rental

Schedule 13       Effects Storage

Schedule 14       Remains Preparation & Shipping/Repatriation

Schedule 1 includes the charges for personnel being deployed for the incident. The rates for each position are listed in Exhibit B of your contract. We will invoice for each day a person works during the invoice period.

All other schedules, except 12 and 13, are for reimbursable expenses: costs Kenyon has incurred paying for these services for your company and our Team Member expenses.


  • Kenyon may book travel and pay for the travel expenses of family members to the Family Assistance Center as well as for Kenyon’s personnel including transportation, meals, and lodging. You will have these expenses itemized on your invoice.

  • Kenyon has charges for communications, supplies needed, shipping and repatriation of the deceased, which Kenyon has paid on the client’s behalf. These will also be itemized on your invoice.

  • On reimbursable expenses, Kenyon charges you a small administrative fee for handling these matters and covering these costs. The client has the option to pay directly for some these charges such as airfares and lodging, and will then avoid the administrative fee for these charges. The administrative fee covers the cost for managing the vendor relationship, reconciling and processing payments, and losses associated with foreign exchange rates.

    Schedules 12 and 13 are services that are provided by Kenyon so there is no administrative fee.

    Each invoice is due within 30 days from the date of the invoice. Wiring instructions are included on the invoice.

    Deborah Moody
    Director, Accounting
    United States
    Phone: +1 (281) 872 6074

    Deborah Moody began working for Kenyon in October 2007 in the accounting department when Kenyon became a private company. Her responsibilities include compiling financial statements, working with the banks and coordinating with our accountant on financial reporting.