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Kenyon's beginnings stem from funeral services The acts of memorializing the deceased and providing an appropriate place for families to mourn remain a cornerstone of Kenyon best practices.

When a client is faced with an unimaginable crisis, Kenyon can assist them with planning and conducting a memorial. Sometimes this means a plaque erected at a crash site, or it could mean a memorial wall or memory board where families can write messages or leave mementos. Often there is a ceremony with family members and local religious leaders.

Regardless of the situation, Kenyon puts over 100 years of memorial and funeral related experience to work to assist client-company leaders in deciding the best course of action regarding:

  • coordinating with families to find out their wishes
  • memorial ceremonies
  • finding appropriate religious leaders, if applicable
  • adhering to appropriate cultural norms
  • permanent memorial markers
  • memorials conducted at separate locations
  • one-year anniversary memorial ceremonies
  • planning and conducting funerals
  • coordinating with the military for military ceremonies