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Kenyon Client Open Day

23 May 2018 | Bracknell, United Kingdom

The first Client Open Day of the year took place on 23 May at our Bracknell, UK, office and was attended by over 50 emergency response professionals from all around the world with backgrounds in various industries, such as aviation, government and rail. The full-day event was organized to give clients an opportunity to learn crisis management best practices, network, gain an understanding of how we work and tour our facility.

The day was split into three training sessions delivered by Kenyon’s Robert A. Jensen and concluded with a tour of our warehouse facility.

Being Prepared
The first session provided key ideas around setting up your crisis management organization, how you deploy, and what to expect and plan for during specific points in the incident timeline.

Expectations with Loss
Session two reviewed Crisis Communications, Family Assistance, Government Relations and Insurance topics during an incident.

Case Studies
The final session reviewed recent case studies and the use of family websites.

Open Day recordings and presentations can be found in the Client Only section of our website, for those interested in viewing them.

By infusing the sessions with anecdotes and real experience, attendees were able to envision realistic crisis response scenarios instead of theoretical responses found in manuals. Many left Open Day with the understanding that even the most well thought out crisis management plans have room for improvement.

Following the success of this year’s event, the next Client Open Day is set to take place at Kenyon’s Bracknell, UK, office near the end of this year.

Don't take our word for it - here's some feedback from the attendees:

“Well thought out, very realistic and resonated with everyone in attendance.”

“I am new to the industry, so for people starting out or new clients, this is the best way to provide a personal look at what your company does.”

“Just a brief note to thank everyone at Kenyon for a most interesting open day yesterday. It provided a bit more of an eye opener on the requirements for preparedness! The lunch was excellent and the day was also a great opportunity to meet fellow practitioners of emergency planning.”

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