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Business Continuity Training for Airlines

Gates Aviation Consultancy Courses

As part of a strategic partnership between Kenyon International Emergency Services and Gates Aviation to offer expertise on both the prevention of and consequence management following an accident, Kenyon is able to provide the following course in Principles of Business Continuity.

While Kenyon works with clients to ensure that they are ready to provide the most effective emergency response, Gates Aviation is able to provide advice on matters such as insurance gaps, safety management, and business continuity before an incident ever happens.

Course Detail:

Principles of Business Continuity

It takes years to establish a market-leading brand and/or reputation and, literally, minutes to lose it if the response to a major event affecting its business operations is not handled effectively. A sound business continuity management program is good business practice and enables an organization to be prepared to make decisions quickly and return the business to a state of normality expediently. This course aims to build on existing knowledge of basic contingency and business continuity planning and theory to provide attendees with the skills necessary to apply the theory within airport plans and protocols, and in operational conditions.

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