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Robert A. Jensen

Loss of ACT Airlines Flight TK6491

My thoughts and prayers are with the families and the community affected by the loss of ACT Airlines flight TK6491. I’ve shared some thoughts on the family assistance ramifications of the accident and on the larger concept of consequence management in a short video below.

Robert Jensen examines where ICAO and IATA standards for aviation crisis management overlap.

Standards – ICAO and IATA are they in unison?

Another question I am often asked is, “Do you feel ICAO’s regulatory framework has kept pace with today’s consumer expectations and communications technology?” My answer to this is that good crisis management programs address all aspects of consequence management, communication being one of those. As

Comparing traditional media and social media.

Impact of Social Media

I am often asked, “Bob, there is a lot of discussion regarding the impact of social media in a crisis situation. Can you please throw some light on the impact vis-a-vis that of the traditional media?” Also, “Do you think that in the long term

Haiti Earthquake Kenyon Team Members 2010

Part 12: Crisis Leadership

This is part 12 of a 12-part series describing the consequences of a typical large-scale loss of life incident. Following the framework of the 12 Principles of Crisis Management, I describe these consequences and offer best practice solutions for each consequence. Consequence 12 Large-scale loss

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